Friday, June 18, 2004

#!_First Steps

I have seen so many blog sites, they are crrrrrazy! I've not quite the got the hang of just writing down what comes to mind. I mean its crazy a public diary - but thats cool, I love crazy stuff. Ive had personal sites before on Geocities and stuff but their not quite like this, oh well, its not looking particualy good at the moment cause I dont know how to use it! Anyway I finished my exams...yay! So heres the results (the good, bad and the ugly)
English Literature - 82% (B+)
English Language - 89% (A)
Maths - 50% (C)
French Reading - 80 (A)
French Writing - 88% (A)
Biology - 42% (D)
B&V - 69% (B-)
Well thats all the ones I got, anyway I gotta update the page looks so, utility (NOT MY STYLE!)